The Best Share and Rental Based Services for the Modern Business Man on A Budget

Owning your own company or operating a personal business can sometimes seem more challenging than having a major corporation. One of the reasons for this is that there are less people to rely on, as a smaller start-up, it is likely that you only have yourself to manage and execute all responsibilities. This can feel overwhelming and maybe even lonely. As a major corporation, you are likely to have many people who work around you and a great number of resources to handle anything that comes up when you are not able to be there. The money invested is pooled and it is expected that the available resources will be better due to the increased financial strength that comes in numbers.

If you are struggling with ways to save and are interested in the value that can be found in community based, share style, or rental services, you should consider some of the below options to cut costs and operate within your budget.

Car Rental or Car Share Services

Transportation can be an expensive depending on where you live. Sometimes it makes sense to rely primarily on public transportation but that still leaves you without an option when you need to get somewhere outside of town or have to transport large items for a meeting or client interview. Sometimes it just makes a better impression to arrive in your own car versus the bus or train. There are plenty of great car rentals or share services like Zipcar. You pay a monthly fee to have access to a car whenever you need it. They have multiple pick up locations and make it easy to return it even if you need to drop it off late at night

Bike Shares

Another great solution for transportation issues, bike share programs allow you to hop on a bike at hundreds of locations within a city and drop it off at another location closer to your destination. You pay a monthly, yearly, or one-time fee. However, like most service, the longer you commit to paying up front the lower the monthly cost per use will be.

Co-working Spaces

There are so many companies out there that are now offering the opportunity to work remotely that co-working spaces are popping up all over the place. They usually offer a variety of styles of spaces to fit any type of need. The level of privacy is obviously reflected in the rate but the cost goes up the more privacy you need. This can also be a great way to network with other people within similar industries, or at least make some friends who understand what working solo is like.

Co-Living Communities

These types of co-living situations have seemed to pop up after the rise in co-working spaces. The idea is that the model for co-working was so successful, that it could likely work when applied to other parts of your life, like your living space. The style is similar to dorm living but in a more adult environment.