Strange Businesses You Didn’t Know Existed

  1. The Beerbelly

    The Beerbelly sells products that help you creatively hide alcoholic beverages, like a flask disguised as a hairbrush and a pouch for holding liquor that conveniently goes around your torso and looks like – you guessed it – a beer belly. Some other products are available on this website as well, like a flask that looks like a bottle of sunscreen and a sports bra (The WineRack) with beverage pouch inserts and a straw.

  2. Cuddle Party

    We all need a hug sometimes. Thankfully, things like “cuddle parties” exist. Cuddle Partydoes more than just hold on to you; they also teach you skills for creating boundaries and connections. After opening with a welcome circle and learning some basic skills, the floor opens up to free-style cuddling. Cuddle Party’s services are available in various places in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.

  3. Ugly Furnitures

    You can purchase one-of-a-kind furniture through Ugly Furnitures. A group of guys who always wanted to own their own business chose to go into furniture-making, and they have come up with some truly creative (and handmade) pieces, all of which they claim are ugly. You won’t find quality like this anywhere else.

  4. Neuticles

    Bob Barker spoke wise

Social Media Solutions for Small Businesses

Want to turn your social media accounts into a profitable e-commerce business? Or use Instagram, Facebook and other platforms to boost sales? With social media selling, anyone can become an online merchant without having to invest in a website or give online marketplaces a cut of their profits. Social media e-commerce is a big hit because it lets you turn your social media accounts into online stores — and your posts into sales.

Here are 7 social media selling solutions to help you get started.

  1. Designing Facebook Page campaigns can seem like rocket science for people who aren’t tech savvy. Heyo simplifies the process with a drag-and-drop campaign builder that anyone can use. The service works a lot like do-it-yourself website builders: Start by choosing a template, and then edit or customize elements to fit your campaign and brand. Whether you’re running a contest, sweepstakes, special deals or other promotions, campaigns built on Heyo can then be easily plugged into your Facebook page — no coding necessary.

  2. Facebook for Business is the one-stop shop for finding out which types of Facebook selling campaigns will work best for your business. The service lets you create